It will be interesting to see if they all use the same controller. If I force the ethernet configuration to mbits it connects, but if I go auto or manually configure it to gigabit, it will not connect. Hello, just purchased a few iMacs with Mountain Lion, only to find out that we still needed to keep Windows 7 in a couple instances. Your guide needs a little tweaking to work with Windows 7 32 bit. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Wired Network slow – Windows 7 64bit in B… – Apple Community

Close the terminal app and restart your Mac by clicking on the Apple menu in the menu bar. To know what is your Mac version, you should:. Parallels is too much for the users we have to worry about, so we went with bootcamp 4. I’m guessing here that the system defaults for these keys is fc00 or something close under Windows 8.

All you have to do is to follow the steps and update to the latest version to fix Mac Ethernet problems: I checked the version and I have a BCM chip. You can always rollback a driver; uninstall Apple or Microsoft and yes better to use the vendor’s directly.


The article can help you fix Mac Windoas problems very well.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

Thanks a lot for the driver. While holding down the “option” key, click on the “System Information” from the Apple menu in the menu bar. I have this same problem, did you ever fix it? I swear i got gig for 1 morning plugged into the wall mini cat6 to winndows, cat5e wall to router.

Frequent transitions for interface en0 X. How does windowx install this driver? Now, update your system to the latest version by opening the terminal app and running the following command line. So it can widnows done. So I am at a complete loss at the moment. This may be stupid info, but remember when you are looking at the light indicator, it indicates the signal at the other end of the cable.

Even bcm570 not everyone has had these issues and it may be connected to what hardware we use for networking. Sep 4, 2: Has anyone else noticed this? Make sure the switches are not managed and have the ports locked down.

The hatter The hatter. It can be challenging to deal with Mac Ethernet problems, but it is not impossible. Everything just looks better.


Replace Macintosh HD in the command line with the name of main boot drive if you have some other boot drives. About a year ago I went out a bought a, new good quality patch cables. So, let us see two methods on how to fix the problem: Three Ways to Crack Bios Password.

Windows 7 Drivers for Apple’s USB Ethernet Adapter

Will look for support there. How to disable “System Integrity protection”? Has anyone tried using the Broadcom official driver in Bootcamp? Despite trying all the things listed here, I discovered that this issue was not restricted to winfows, it was also occurring on a bunch of Dell’s running Windows 7 as well, and the Dells were using a mix of Realtek and Intel NICs.

If you have changed the main boot drive then select that drive. Great way to contribute.