Stand By And Hibernate I’ve tried setting a static IP and entering the mask and gateway manually. Using Battery Power Yet it is a sign that ASUS has yet to update their chassis, but only the internal parts of the machine. In fact, mine came with Windows XP home! This laptop was working fine yesterday before i removed Win 7 so i can only assume the Ethernet port is working.

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The notebook is so sturdy, it requires effort to open. I would have though an Expresscard slot would be more appropriate, but as I personally see no use for expansion currently, it is not an issue. Using Ac Power Compared with my Pentium 4 2. Models With Sonoma Chipset Touchpad Usage Illustrations Checking Battery Power Declarations And Safety Statements However tt is to be marked that our test sample was not new from the factory and revealed some marks of aging like scratches.

Heavy Too hot for lap use, and warm around palm area as well Extremely hot adapter Keys, buttons, and screen may be too firm for some Clustering of USB ports Poor ASUS software for controlling webcam and shortcut keys Poor battery life No security features No expresscard slot To summarize, the A6J is not a business notebook as touted, except for its looks.


The heat vent is well located though, as it will neither bother your mouse hand nor colleagues sitting beside you. Also, the Fn key on the left is on the left of the left Ctrl button, which FPS gamers may not be used to initially.

The keyboard is very pleasent. Asus A6R – No Ethernet or Wireless Swapped out Ethernet cable for a known good cable, swapped to the ethernet port that was working fine on my other laptop.

The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average efhernet.

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

Due to my need to travel to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the etherne centre very near my future residence. Thermal Power Control The high-speed keys for adjusting the volume, display brightness etc. My verdict is that while it does sound pretty good and the 3D effect gizmo impressed me a bit, the speakers are still laptop speakers at heart, a little tinny and unimposing.

What does it mean when it says the link is not ready? You should now be wthernet to browse the available WLANs.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Generally the A6J is not one for the long road, unless you have another battery or two to spare. Power Safety Requirement With decent headphones though, this machine sounds above average.


On the right of the controls are more indicator lights, for from left to right Power, Battery charge, new email and wireless connectivity.

Switches And Status Indicators After switching on the Asus A6J the very first action was the deactivation of the selected screensaver, which particularly got on our nerves due to sound playback.

Power Management Modes The battery performance is nothing to shout about at all. I have yet to try out the customer support, and am hoping that I would not need them! Originally Posted by lordsloth.

Review Asus A6Ja

But their provision of global customer support for 2 years is excellent and they have a nice little wallet-sized card with worldwide support telephone numbers.

However being one myself, I have become more or less accustomed to it already, but I think having the Ctrl button on the extreme left edge would be ideal still.

I am a medium-core if there is such a thing gamer and was looking forward to see the gaming performance. Again, they look good, but are not so good to use, requiring some effort to press due to their size.