How come you didn’t decided to go with a Ti or Ti? Maybe 3 hours a week at the most. So I was reading around and I found many topics on how people ‘customize’ and ‘tweak’ their laptops for the best performance. Yes, my password is: No not a typo. Those cards are known to have the best bang for the buck! Such as overclocking,undervolting lower temps , and special drivers.

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I removed image quality hacks that i used in the previous release. Works fine on desktop. Similar Threads – drivers Nvidia.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver

Gaming Software and Graphics Cards. TBH i dont play many games. Do you already have an account?

The newly released Only had to click the warning away once too. Dont worry I’ll be back to Nvidia again some day I’m sure. I just choose a gfx card that best suits my needs rather brand loyalty tbh.

Dox optimized nvidia drivers

I’ll sort it out later tonight. I would really like to hear about more things one can do to their laptop for more performance.

Make sure to try different versions too, I finally settled on an older nvidiaa You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thought I’d sell it whilst demand is high and get a good price for it.


About driver releases, would a set of testing guidelines help with making driver testing more reliable? I see either the same or higher performance in all my games when compared to the generic version of the driver. I dont think it makes sense to buy highend hardware like GTXs amd HDs tbh unless you plan to keep it for two generations.


Yes, it passed compoatibility check and then I jvidia to install. Soviet SunriseMar 3, No, create an account now. This is the first time I did it – always went mid range. I am certain I wont be release anymore nvidia drivers.

I don’t really know what the exact cause for it is, but it definitely improves gameplay for me. Maybe, but not any time soon. Wont be buying high end thats for sure. Installation process started and then got the error: Thing is, older generation midrange hardware performed nvifia better for the software available at the time when compared to the present day, and this difference is more noticeable because both midrange and high end hardware is quite overpriced on both nvldia.


I just recently reverted back to official nvidia I much prefer blower style coolers in which the reference design of the HD is robust. MahmoudDewyMar 2, Someone pointed me out to this page ive never tried driver outside of what nvidia release but seriouly all im using for now on are yours These driver are amazing using with my SLI why dont nvidia stock perform this good?

IQ is same compared to stock Nvidia driver.


The texture filtering is sharper with minimal shimmering, GK is softer hence there is no shimmering. Someone pointed me out to this page ive never tried driver outside of what nvidia release but seriouly all im using for now on are yours. HD is a very good card for what I would use it for. I suppose you had a typo, where it should be HD you wrote HD