I couldn’t find any case in which this file would be compiled using the current build system. Two is one and one is two. Screen is shifted up Mamesick – Also added the coin counter. Lamps are currently disabled due to other unknown writes are happening on the same port.

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Win Drivers Top: Ac Sound

Sengoku Basara X Cross Street Fighter II is arguably one of the most influential arcade titles of all time, after seeing the success of the game almost every other arcade developer immediately felt they had to come up with their own vs. MAME May 28, BPzeBanshee June 21, David Haywood – Resuming causes sprites to be drawn above other layers. Anyway if you want to donate to get another Korean Crystal System game click below. I love you all, guys: Site Officiel de Messinfo.

Due to this you might experience some outdated cores right now for these platforms.


Added double buffering mechanism to ROZ layer, looks a bit better during transitions. Banctec E-Series – A VFD dot-matrix display with a small keypad that was originally part of a giant check sorting machine used in banks. Gorilla sound now works.

Killed some trampolines and could do with some more clean up. LibRetro is emulating nothing. With a simple add-on driver board for the solenoids, darjma all the bulbs with LED bulbs, and a PC, you have everything you need to completely replace the original hardware.

Whac-a-Bison (Vega)

Remove quickload, may be handled differently later [O. Julien June 14, Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Belmont] -Fix Game Blaster emulation, now working [balrog] -Fix game blaster compatibility in sb1. Converted to use generic cartslot with fixed software configuration.

Hooked preliminary sound routines. Slightly optimized -romident so that each software list is parsed only once instead of as many times as the number of drivers it is attached to. Completely rewrote the graphics chip emulation.

Added video board control PROM.

A limited current voltage control current source. Before proceeding with the emulation a couple of things in MAME needed tidying up. This does all the annoying calculations.


All the non-SF2 art sticks out like a sore thumb. Frontend authors who relied on the “buttons” attribute of the input node for any kind of filter shall now scan all available controllers and take the maximum among their “buttons” attribute possibly discarding keyboards and keypads if they want to recover the old value. Anonymous June 10, Datasheet for the one used in pve is here: Another really interesting post, congrats on getting the game to work!

MAMEWorld News

New brazilian Apple2 clone. Added correct sound rom for clone Tecfri PCB, bootleg? Added technical notes and some clean-ups [Roberto Fresca] -apple2: Added macro library for opamp models.