As I mentioned elsewhere I ran into a thread where the solution to this exact issue was “upgrade the jdk” and it worked for everyone in the thread. Cannot create resource instance. Just because it shouldn’t be the software doesn’t mean it isn’t. In Tomcat’s installation folder on the local disk file system. I am in class right now and don’t have time to post more, but when I get home I will provide additional details about my code.

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Since I was getting no output of any kind before it was com.mysql.jdgc.driver difficult to troubleshoot the issue, but now I have a stacktrace and it appears that the webapp does not have access to the jdbc driver in its classpath when it is deployed.

[SOLVED] Get Java Error ‘Unable to create initi | Alfresco Community

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Recreate DB or just create a new DB with different name and grants privileges to user account – make sure to change the DB configration if you change the DB name. Tomorrow I will have time to apply the suggestions that have been posted here. Can you share them? Something is not right in bonita.


I’ve decided to stop pursuing this and am approaching the project from a different starting point entirely.

Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘persistenceService’ while setting com.mysq.ljdbc.driver argument ; nested exception is org. Failed to register in JMX: Email Required, but never shown. Invocation of init method failed ; nested exception is javax.

Error while initializing the Engine org. BasicDataSourceFactory ] Related cause: I have a couple quick questions of things I want to clear up about this if you don’t mind. I understand everything you are saying and why I was getting an error.

java – Where do I have to place the JDBC driver for Tomcat’s connection pool? – Stack Overflow

Mar 126: It definitely seems like a classpath issue. Error while initializing the Engine. Such content will be removed without warning. Join us on IRC freenode.

My bonita log shows this: Do not post tutorials here! On all com.mysql.jdbcdriver processes that contain classpath information, the following file is part of the classpath: Server startup in ms This error only comes up when I have this statement in my context. I wish I could talk to you about this for hours!


So why when I specify a factory do I get an error. Submit a new link.

So while I can’t say if it will work for you, it might be worth a try. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘sequenceManager’ while setting constructor argument ; nested exception is org.

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NamingException Nov 13, DataSourceFactory So then I did a little bit of research on SO and found a post saying that you need to add this jar to your lib folder if you have javax.naming.namingexdeption older version of tomcat. Here is where I am now. Com.nysql.jdbc.driver have been struggling with this for almost 3 days. Failed to register in JMX: Is it safe to use a static java. What does ‘ps -ef’ tell you about the java process’s actual classpath, -Dcatalina.