When enabled, this will suppress control codes generated by the IBM host. Turn the knob a few more times to assure that the ribbon is running freely and that any remaining slack is removed. Operator-set values will be used. Dsc Code Charts Press the Select pushbutton to enable or disable the viewing of a menu. Increase the tension if the print quality on the last part of the form is printing too light.

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If disabled, the ETX is ignored and no further action is taken treats it as just another data character. For example, if a format for a picking label is saved as Pick Ticket, the name Pick Ticket will be displayed as one of the formats available for selection. Translation continues until the emulation controller receives the terminating character.

Genicom 5000 Series 1800 LPM Printer

Seriez example, set the wheel to 1 for single-part paper, 2 for two-part paper, etc. Note After the ribbon cartridge has been installed, the print gap, paper tension, paper path, and top of form position must be set.

Extended Character Sets Service Time Service time was set to zero or the timer has failed. The geniclm is then responsible for advancing the paper to the next form’s first print line with form feed commands.


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genifom Press Clear to clear display. Low Power Suspnd Printing is temporarily suspended because of a short-duration, low power supply voltage or the ribbon weld passing the sensor.

Use the following procedure to select the Serial option: Font Handling And Enhancements Turn the knurled knob on the new ribbon cartridge clockwise to remove any slack in the ribbon. When a format is saved, the format name is user set. Data Entry There are two modes of data entry for the control panel.

When Ignore Mode is enabled, the printer ignores all data received from the host until a A A is received. The top print ref should not be confused with a top margin.

If a zeries margin is desired, it can beset electronically through either esries control panel pushbuttons or a command sent by the host. This cannot be compensated for with a top margin, since a margin affects every form by subtracting from the printable area. Press the Select or T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Serial options.

To use the printer with the door open, pull the switch plunger up and press the Clear pushbutton to clear the display.

Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Path options. Additional Escape Sequences See Series Programmer’s Manual for information on escape sequences. Take advantage of our global network of industry-leading distributors and resellers to help you find premium printing solutions. Press the Select pushbutton to select a show option. Use the following procedure to save a format: Genicom Line Matrix – printer – monochrome – line-matrix 3sbda0.


Genicom Series Manuals

Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the FF Pos options. Getting Started View Clear Pressing the View pushbutton pdinter the paper such that the last printed line is visible in the top cover window.

In User Set mode the display switches to a format where the operator may enter any value to 9 for any numeric position. Sixel Graphics Commands Either Online or Local will be displayed in upper left corner of the display window. Open the upper tractor doors. Press the Clear pushbutton to stop benicom.

If no previously saved format name exists, the default format names are Default through Blank Format