Can I use my computer for other things while the LightScribe label is burning? No articles available for this product. LaCie DVD update tool 2. It was used to create a project once and has not been used since. How much does the image fade, and over what period of time? Will LightScribe discs work with non-LightScribe drives?

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When I try to add text to the LightScribe label nothing happens. Burn a disc from Finder. How do I use LightScribe to label a disc? It is not further tested but is expected to work fine. It said Laciw Support: Will LightScribe discs work with non-LightScribe drives? Designed by FA Porsche. Jul 31, However, you may first want burenr give LaCie Support a call. Will LightScribe discs work with non-LightScribe drives? Your profile lists two Macs – iBook G4 and a Pismo. How should LightScribe labeled discs be handled and stored?


Support rows Support Support. The unit is in great working condition.

LaCie d2 DVD±RW 22x with LightScribe Support

Does ultraviolet light fade a LightScribe lacoe How can I learn the function of a button in LightScribe? What types of labels can I burn on a LightScribe disc? LaCie Device Updater 4.

Why is my LightScribe label cut off at the top and bottom? Do you have any tips for burning DVDs? As shown in photos it is in good condition.

d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe | LaCie Support US

Does the LightScribe imaging process emit any hazardous chemicals? Can I add to a LightScribe label that has already been burned? Few Scuffs and Sc Does the additional use of the dvvd in a LightScribe-enabled drive gurner its life? Looks like it could be rack mounted, grooves on both sides. I use Verbatim discs with my PM G5’s internal burned and these always provide good results for me.

How can I learn the function of a button in LightScribe? Can I change a LightScribe template?


Does LightScribe print in full color? See this page for their phone number and hours.

LaCie d2 DVD Burner Does Not Read Discs – Apple Community

Skip to main content. What version of the OS supports burning LightScribe labels?

This item is associated with the following MPN s: Dcd Host Software 1. I’ve experimented with multiple media, all to no avail. Can I save my own LightScribe template?