According to various implementations, a client device may be a mobile computer, a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a set top box, a smart television, or any other network-enabled device capable of receiving content for presentation. In particular embodiments, a channel deactivation threshold may indicate one or more of any of various properties. In this way, the encoder farm succeeds in making two segments available in the same time as only one would normally be made. Digital media presentation system. The system recited in claim 11, wherein the live media stream includes both encrypted and unencrypted data and the fetched portion of the live media stream consists of unencrypted data. At , the fetched portion of the live media stream is analyzed to determine the presence of a subsequent consecutive ad indicator, indicating the presence of a consecutive ad period. For instance, the data may be received from a content source such as a satellite teleport, or over an IP network using UDP multicast.

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However, in such embodiments, constant live stream fetching and processing can be wasteful, since the original ads in the live media stream are not displayed to the user but the fetching and processing of the non-displayed media content still require bandwidth and resources. Hard disk recorder for lossless recording and archiving television and radio broadcasts. The function for such implementations is to inform a new client tuning in to the live media stream that the live media stream is currently in an ad period.

In other instances, well known process operations have not been described in kobitv in order not to unnecessarily obscure the present invention. For more information about requirements and features see the manual or the community forum. According to various embodiments, initiating media channel buffering may involve transmitting a buffering initiation instruction to the deactivated channel buffer module Alternately, or additionally, the system may be configured as a client device operable to receive and present media content items.


For instance, the deactivated channel buffer module may store an amount of data for a live streaming media content channel that would require some non-trivial period of time for a single virtual encoder to encode. Item specifics Model Number: Accordingly, the specification and figures are to be regarded in an illustrative rather than a pic sense, and all such modifications are intended to be included within the scope of invention. A single channel deactivation threshold may be common to more than one live streaming media channel or different live streaming media channels may be associated with different channel deactivation thresholds.

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Once identified, this information may be transmitted to a virtual encoder via a network. Self provisioning Set-Top Box.

Another possible configuration is one in which source data is made available to multiple encoders using individual connections from the encoders towards a common server, such as an HTTP server, which provides the TS stream as a continuous or segmented stream.

The description may be referred to as a manifest file, template, segment list, or other such term. In another example, the server may not include an interface to an abstract buy engine and may in fact include the abstract buy engine itself.

In such embodiments, special client-side agents, e. This content may include, but is not limited to live streaming media content channels such as television channels. In various embodiments, if a consecutive ad period is detected, then the system plays another replacement ad or series of ads instead of the original ad content in the live media stream, and delays resuming fetching of the live media stream.

In various embodiments, the system can handle consecutive SCTE splice periods without listening to, or receiving, the full media stream. V-gear has below product categories: In some embodiments, the segment creator can put the segments at the middle or end. The method recited in claim 1, wherein the live media stream includes both encrypted and unencrypted data and the fetched portion of the live media stream consists of unencrypted data. The authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content are borne by the seller.


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In addition, the interface may be used to access this content on any number of content playback devices, such as televisions, laptop computers, tablet computers, personal computers, and mobile phones.

In some implementations, a channel deactivation threshold may be manually configured.

In some embodiments, data in the live media mobitvv is fully encrypted. Click for automatic bibliography generation.

Thus, the client device will need to also make byte range requests to fetch the beginning of the data in the live media segments. Alternately, or additionally, the channel selection event may be generated at a different device, such as a remote control in communication with the ckmbo device.

In particular embodiments, the media system may be configured to provide a variety of on-demand media content.

Asiamajor is passionately committed to fulfilling its mission – creating the most convenient gears of video communication tools. Application then waits while the second ad plays on ad player User-friendly software interface 4. In the foregoing specification, the invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments.