Teag 9 years ago. The high trajectory did not, however, adversely affect distance. A square golf club? I have carried their clubs in my bag from time to time, but I have always found myself going back to the manufacturers that have been around a little longer. I felt that if I was going to give both clubs their due I should use each one for at least three to five rounds. The black and yellow stock shaft is another thing altogether. Regardless of the model, the face presents a fairly clean look with a grooveless sweet spot.

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To be fair, even though I really liked this club, I have to give one warning. I have never owned a driver and just recently used this one a couple times at the range. The ball seems to be drawn to the fairway. The sole of the clubhead has also been toned down. The Nike rep dropped the ProLaunch Red shaft in a Yes…their are even instructions for how to use the headcover! Overall, very good article.

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

Looking forward to next season! I am Curious what swing speed and tempo you guys have that works so well with the ProLaunch Red.

I hate to say it, but I have some stigma against playing Nike. But symo they put the graphite shaft on them they really performed well for me. I also hit the speedline, r9, s91, launcher, ft-9, and the nike was wth the best of them, and cheaper too.


Final Thoughts I am truly impressed with what the Nike folks have put out this season. The Sumo has the weight at the base of the club and just feels lighter to me. At least nobody ever stared at me on the range.

No problem TX…it is similar to the ssq bats but remember when Titanium came out people were not used to that either.

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

Share this with your golf buddies: Tried everything else and none had the grouping that the Dymo2 had…not even close. Because Nike sent all of us one tro try head to head against the Taylormade.

After several rounds with the Dymo, I decided to take the Dymo 2 on the course. My rounds are giving me more chances at the green and less time scrambling. I gotta admit Nike Golf should be commended for their latest marketing move. I will take the centre of the fairway over 20 extra yards and in the rough or other fairway! We felt much more confident on hitting a straight tee shot with the Taylormade. It is also very easy to hit a draw with the Dymo2 but it does make it a little harder th hit a fade the saft feels great also.

Notify me of fymo posts by email. Just my dhmo cents, I know this review is old, but MY club is new, and I thought I would tell the bargain hunters out there that it is worth a try! If working the ball around the course 2090 your thing, this is not the driver for you.


I loved reading this review even though it was not as helpful as i thought it might be. I now understand why Tiger decided against putting it in his bag.

We are here to help educate and empower golfers. The R9 is solid, but not better than the R7 to me. I have to admit that i prefer nike cause it was the first driver auctually the first non k-mart club that i bought. First off the lofts on the dymo drivers are off, take a wq and compare to say an R9. Between all the golf blogs xq there that they sent these drivers to…you are talking about a major influence on ssq golfing public. My only complaints would be that the sound and the feel which are more “artificial” than the old model and that I find it flies a little lower than the old SQ Sumo with the equivalent loft.

I just got the Dymo2took it for my first round….