Measures intake manifold vacuum or pressure and sends a frequency or voltage signal depending on sensor type to the PCM. Elite autoscanner cp , Elite autoscanner pro cp In so doing it can provide and erase generic and manufacturer details. Two types of codes were used by GM in the Historic System: Return to Diagnostic Codes Menu. The Actron CP is comfortable to hold and can be operated with one hand easily enough also. For easy troubleshooting and diagnostics, automotive scanners have been a good invention for DIY mechanics and professional technicians.

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Select Yes to review the data now or No to review it later using Review Data.

Based on the vehicle information entered at the Vehicle Selection menu, the Scan Tool automatically recognizes the computer system installed. This autoscanneer not apply to 7.

This adapter cable is included with the Scan Tool.

Connecting the scan tool, Program mode – Actron Elite AutoScanner® CP9185 User Manual

All Actron scanner has access to RepairPath. The GM Function List is broken down into the following menus: Any system where a computer controls fuel delivery to the engine by using fuel injectors. All selected data values are marked with 3 symbol.


Press and hold least 1 second to turn on Scan Tool.

If No is selected, the test begins to initialize. Despite being robust enough for professional use, the Actron CP is very easy to use. All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest information available from industry sources at the time of publication.

To Use On-Line Help: Observe the screen for the prompt to perform the next action. EGR is used only during warm engine cruise conditions.

A new update is available for the CP Elite Autoscanner.

Save Auto Power Off Time. Getting Started Internet Actrno 4. Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. Write Down Scan Tool Information. Multilingual menu and options – English, French, Spanish.

The Actron CP Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner provides you with the ability to diagnose problems in your vehicle on easy steps, providing you with the option of either fixing it on your own or finding the best possible repair service. A beep accompanies each LOW flash.

Actron CP9185 Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

Warm-up cycle is when the engine coolant temperature rises at least 40 degrees above that at engine start up. The MECS adapter cable kit is optional and must be purchased separately. If applicable, set octane switch to premium.


The Scan Tool identifies them by their identification names ID assigned by manufacturer i.

The scanner will work for future cars through an internet connection and its full updateable. Safety Precautions Battery acid is a highly corrosive sulfuric acid.

Actron CP Elite Auto Code Scanner Review | What Auto Scanner

Refer elihe appropriate vehicle service manual for test IDs and definitions. Measure the available fuel pressure with engine running on or off. Therefore, the maximum eliye of frames that can be recorded varies. Monitoring your vehicle’s system can reduce your operating and maintenance costs while keeping you safe Troubleshooting Operating Error or Erroneous Data.

Battery powered for review of vehicle data off vehicle. DTCs are used to help determine the cause of a problem or problems with a vehicle.