Will inspect the board and the possible mod ASAP. Any support is better than none. Should be the exact predecessor of the well known “Bad Axe”. Looks much better in my book. It was just that people were asking about VRM modes – which to be honest arent the problem as you’ve said. The mods needed to make the lower revisions compatible are already known and you’d only have to trace their functions. You are doing excellent job!

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Hi jialinc, do you have and email add or ym? Wrong info edited out.

But as I’ll move into a new home in November, where Wdp3188 won’t be able to do much modding anymore no time due to studies and additionally limited space I’ll have to finish all mods in the next weeks. Real difference between VR I wish I could get business from you but unlucky I am in Australia.

Component Level Motherboard Repair (Not replacement)

I already feel the fun I’ll have with this project. It’s still in 0. OK, a lttle update: What happens to the voltage, can it be set in the bios or will i have to use dipswitches or conect the pins on the procesor for the desired voltage?


D No Microcode Updates yet, but still it is posting without problems. DanielOct 5, I use to work in a company to fix notebooks, but I am running my only business specialised on fix notebook on components level.

Face86Oct 31, Getting the right CPU voltage set should be “fairly” easy, it would be the bios that worried me.

I read everything on the net, but can’t find the real problem component level Before buy a new mobo i’m going to try repair the old one. Hey guys, I inverted this image from our Russian friends. You may want to check out this website: As you can see, there’s still all the solder flux on the PCB, as I had no time to clean it off. That aisde, you are sohnd right.

Pobierz Sterowniki: Adp Sound Driver

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is something typical error, i think. Its worth a try! The problem with skund all “old” boards is, that the voltage controllers don’t have VRD11 support.

Analog Devices

Or is there no way to use a conroe on such a platform? I think I could start a new thread and put my repairing records on the net, so people can see the depth of component level repair. Here are links to hi-res pics of the boards: I found out something very intersting today. Just did the mods as described in the Bad Axe thread, using the corresponding contacts on the Black Creek.


Implementing the Microcodes shouldn’t be too hard, which is good.

Adp Sound Driver – Drivers Download

Will look for a cheap CPU for testing, the next days. Here are some preliminary pics. But if any of you have good points why not to try it, let me know. Its used one, owner sad that used Pentium D on it. Should be the exact predecessor of the well known “Bad Axe”. I seem to have gotten a Intel sample board and not a production board.