Added a toolbar menu, making it much easier to manage your watch list, add and delete items. It is available from the Northern Softworks web site. We installed a copy on several Macs with no problems. Like our 23″ Cinema, the 30″ screen is nearly perfect as LCDs go, no bad pixels and no obvious light or dark areas. He’s now using special digital photographic equipment and an Epson printer to make extreme closeup images of rocks. The screen area of the 30″ Cinema is about as large as the entire 23″ Display, not counting the legs, some two-thirds larger physically in area. The Apple Store has updated it’s selection of quality Apple Certified reconditioned products.

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To quote the salient part of the article, IBM said its eServer in the widely recognized TPC test of banking, insurance and retail transactions performed 3. Our French is just good enough to figure out that the note says you have to set the screen to a resolution of x rather than the 30″ display’s native resolution of x and that they ran Halo with no problem.

This week hosts Gene and Grayson Steinberg have a triple header on their internet radio show. The new aluminum design more closely matches that of the Power Mac G5 but we think either looks good with it, especially if the Power Mac G5 is on the floor where ours sits.

The downside, aside from the many connectors, is that the displays have a power brick–one more power plug to accomodate and a power brick to find a place for. The displays also have FireWire ports.


Filemaker 7 offers improved realization of the relational model as well as a much improved Web interface. We’ll even be taking a special look at Apple’s new Tiger Server!

Finally, there was a nice improvement of 14 per cent in the frame rate of our test using the venerable 3D first person shooter Quake III Arena. The Insanely Great Mac track focused on cool and useful applications in mobile computing, home automation, creative networking, and digital media. A beta will be released to a group airprim testers on November 30th.

It is available from the Northern Softworks web site. New iCal calendars may add alarms without approval Description: It’s available from Open Door Networks’ web site. This release adds the ability to temporarily run the Finder with root privileges. We use the 30″ Cinema set at about two-thirds brightness in a slightly dimmed room but we used our 23″ Cinema at full brightness in the same room.

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Our experience is that the bootability problem is random and endemic to FireWire drives in general. In fact, two 30″ Cinema Displays can be used with this card at the same time.

In a very positive change to CR’s usual mistreatment of Apple, the December edition states: The speed is good, cheaper than satellite, and only thirty or so dollars more than DSL or cable. The ariprime area of the 30″ Cinema is about as large as the entire 23″ Display, not counting the legs, some two-thirds larger physically in area.

Using the AirPrime 1xEV-DO card on Linux

Test G5 dual 2. We had the WWDC developer beta v1. Quake III Arena 1. With this scanner you can scan a large volume or 2520 for infection before interfacing it with your system. This is the same drive that we use in our Power Mac G4 Cubes because of its speed and silence.


Using the AirPrime PC5220 with FreeBSD

Dana Baggett reported that he zirprime received his CD in the mail yesterday. However, now touching the control brings up the power dialog box allowing one to restart, sleep or shut down the system with an additional mouse click or keystroke.

June 21, at 1: We set our G5 to a resolution of x, shut down, switched the cards and started up just fine. We downloaded Safari 1.

Reviewed: Verizon Wireless Broadband Access with the AirPrime PC card | Mark DiGiovanni

June 21, at The exception was Apple. I even had an IM conversation with my good friend Brendan Tompkins. A reader wrote that he saw a demo iMac G5 running one at an Apple reseller. The Tempo Bridge is a ;c adapter board that connects to the parallel interface on a parallel ATA hard drive.

We are pleasantly surprised at the 26 per cent increase in speed to copy a large folder with many files of varied sizes.