In reply to Amey Abhyankar’s post on November 2, To improve the image display in Theme Manager. I have told this is a good update, people have experienced more speed in operation of the phone. It is recommended keeping the battery in charge during upgrade. Thank you very much.

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Surfer88 Replied on November 1, After firmware upgrade, the original files in P will not be saved, please backup the files using the Backup software in bonus CD. Do keep posting updates. Thank you very much.

Amey Abhyankar Replied on September 29, In reply to musik.

Firmware version available for Asus P – Microsoft Community

I think it should be release soon as on Asus website global already shows P in english! No big deal though.

Above are the additional precautions to take in your case. Shyam U Replied on November 1, Benefits of this upgrade stated by Asus: Shyam U Replied on November o320, It is recommended keeping the battery in charge during upgrade.


I run across another problem.

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I have to remove the battery and restart the system. I have lost all the CDs that were given by Asus, is asua any other way to take the back up? Moto Z3 Play Guides, N Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Quest Nexus 4 Android Develo Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra To improve Day and Night Theme switch.

Pcp Abhyankar Replied on November 4, Thanks Amey, I just found a fix to the problem I was facing. This thread is locked. When I reboot the device and hold the volume down key until the messages are displayed the last message displayed is “Read SD card busy” and the screen goes blank. I’ve love to be able to use my P in english as well It will be double good if its a WM 6. Thanks for the update and good to know that you have upgraded it successfully.

After upgrading firmware, remove installer from microSD card.


Memory management seems better even with the Asus “X” task closer app. Home About Us Contact Us.

Maybe Ingvarr or Sorg can help before official rom from Asus. Samsung Galaxy J5 Acce To improve the image display in Theme Manager. Please insert microSD card into P after the copy. CoolPad Note 3 Guides, In reply to Shyam U’s post on November 1,