There are several possible ways, though. I also cannot figure out if “adaptive clocking” is needed or not. The BDI appears to work with the omap35xx. This is different than the standard 3. The Flyswatter we plan to use has a 14 pin ARM layout, so we need to create a converter.

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The Flyswatter2 is 5 to 10 times faster than the original Flyswatter.

Sara, I would expect that the. On Fri, Sep 25, at 9: As of earlythe latest version is ccsv5and it can be run on either a Linux host or a Windows host. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?

DLL file plus the drivers file for the new processor will need to be obtained. I connected the emulator and installed the drivers from this location, and now the device it is detected and displayed properly in the “Blackhawk control panel”.

Some of these tools can be found on the TI tools directory.


Debugging is possible in both run-mode and stop-mode. The BDI appears to work with the omap35xx. Hello, thanks Richard and Michael for answering. It would be very interesting to get the JTAG working with open source tools. Williams Original Message From: Create free account Forgot password?

Blackhawk XDS USB Emulator

Ronetix technical support is excellent and they added features like the Thread List in just over a week. The adaptive clocking hardware will allow you to run at the maximum TCLK rate and give the best performance. Fri, 25 Sep In case you like to order Flyswatter and Adapter Kit international, here an example for Europe Germany:.

For JTAG pin out see section 8. The Flash Programmer is capable to program:.

When I reported what seemed like a bug, they fixed most of them in just a few days. But apart from that, do we have a chance that it works even if the jtag emulator is much older than the blzckhawk There are several possible ways, though. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat From JTAG pin assignments document:. It will work correctly with the proper software and setup. There are no hardware jtxg other than adaptive clocking.


However, in the FAQ of spectrum digital http: Views Read View source View history. A configuration file for the Beagleboard can be found here: Code Udb560 Studio 4. The Flyswatter we plan to use has a 14 pin ARM layout, so we need to create a converter.

Blackhawk™ USB560 JTAG Emulator

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Now I would like to use it with our EVM board rev. Can somebody help me? They also have a BeagleBoard Adapter Kit.