This comes in handy when you want to reduce the number of output pages. Number of pages that can be stapled when folding finisher is installed: Border Specifies the borders around pages. Overview Operation Environment The system requirements for using this printing system and the interfaces used for connection are explained below. Selects the input tray to print the first page. Paper Tray Front Selects the input tray for the front cover. Abbreviation for Page Description Language.

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Click the [New] button. Hour Enter the time.

Various Settings Hole-Punch You can specify the hole punching settings. Border Specifies the borders around pages. Item Description Import To import a file specify the name of the file that you want to import, and then click the [Import] button.

The Print dialog box cm2250 again.

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Use your Web browser to directly access Web Connection. Pinter 36 Installing the Printer Driver Select this machine and proceed with the installation.

Various Settings System Tab — Maintenance — Network Setting Clear You can restore the network configuration of this machine to when it was shipped from the factory.


When a recipient is registered in the Phonebook for the first time, the Save As dialog box appears so that the Phonebook can be saved as a file. Number of Sets You can specify the default number of copies when no setting has been specified from c2m520 printer driver.

To execute, click the [Reset] button. Credit Card Accepted Through.

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Click the [Font Settings] button. Page Various Printing Methods For the settings that can be specified with each printer driver, refer to the fol- lowing: Close the Chooser window.

Click the Option tab. The selected recipient is highlighted. Note In Utility mode, an item can also be selected by pressing the key in the keypad for the number beside the desired button.


Table Of Contents Welcome 12 Appendix Orientation Specifies the prunter. Page Appendix 25C A total of recipients can be registered in all 10 groups.

Depending on the status of this machine, you may not be able to log on to Administrator mode. From the drop-down list, select the watermark that you want to print.


Specifies any paper printeer.

Specifying Setting Click the Device Options tab. The preset settings are changed. Settings Tab Setting Up the PostScript Driver Windows Settings Tab Item Function Displays message when Displays a message when you want to perform a function that can- a prohibited action oc- not be set when the printer driver is being used. The Transparency Interleave Settings dialog box can also be displayed by clicking the [Settings] button.

By specifying each size, you can specify the enlargement and reduction ratio. Scale Specifies the enlargement and reduction ratio.

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You can print various configuration information, the demo pages, and the PCL font information. Settings specified in the printer driver setup dialog box displayed using the procedure described below will be applied when printing from any applica- tion.

The Custom Size Settings dialog box appears.