A GUI is better, but you can run them from command line too. I am trying this remotely as I am out of town for work this week. OpenOffice doesn’t seem to support it You can proberly submit it. Tons more people in this channel that could leave me in the dust ;. I think theres about 4 ‘differnt, alternatives’ now to add and remove packages from the system.

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You should read the message from ubotu. For hardy it was deb http: It wouldnt open the first time, so I kept trying and now I have 15 plus 10 more that opened.

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Then you need to put it in your path the dir it’s in to your path. Do any of you have any experience with nForce Ultra’s fakeraid?

I was hoping to get at least a few games working in Ubuntu, but this doesn’t look very good. It’s irssi, so it’s run in the terminal.

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You mean gtk-window-decorator which uses metacity themes in which case you want ‘gtk-window-decorator –replace’. I haven’t yet found an answer. Ok so your internal speakers dont work that what you mean?


How can I mount a disk image which has a partition table on the front of it? Asad, the usual weather applet in Gnome is supposed to be wtm the panel, not the notification area. Can anyone please help me? If, in the future, you decide to install from the server CD alternate CD installs generic by defaultyou’ll want to switch over to linux-generic from the server kernel as well.

Can someone point me a good application for data recovery? I just deleted the file. Ok my best guess is if the driver is causing issues, it is because that driver was built for 9. Whats the URL you get after hitting submit?


How do i overcome this? Dude, I ssmb before I ask. I had to hook my monitor up to a windows company, extract the EDID, and save it to a file which I referenced in the xorg config. Apparently it worked well with 8. I got on to wikipedia doing that, but i tried to get on youtube, i crashed.


Hi, I am about to remove some bans this will cause some scrolling. I still dont keep anything critical on the drive. So I’m quite damn lucky nothing happened, I guess: When I need to do that, I just sort inside my banshee music library.

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I don’t understand this command: Hmm not sure never used it myself. I’d like to run this natively instead of on a virtual machine Mount manager solved my problem Could anyone please tell me how i can disconnect my ppp1 but not my ppp0 interface?

Can anyone suggest a program to cleanly erase a drive, similar to dban, that doesn’t s102ggc2 me to reboot my PC. I thought you were trying to install extundelete on the OSX, sorry. I am just wondering how to make a primary partition a normal partition. I really need to find a way of ingmoreing the whole damn thing.