This appendix is for dev elopers who wa nt to specify a false accept rate F AR other than the de fault used by the. Hardware W arnings and Regu lator y Information. SDK misconfiguration or lack of sufficient privileges. DigitalP ersona Fingerprint Rec ognition Engine. This function displays the user interf ace f or enrolling the fingerprints and returns after closing of the user. The output of a c ompleted fingerprint enrollme nt. DigitalP ersona F ingerprint Recognition Engine.

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Click Lock Session to lock the session. Fingerprint Acquisition Operation Workflows This section contains workflows for the fingerprint acquisition operation: The Fingerprint En rollment dialog box appears.

False UserName Name of the user whose fingerprint is to be verified.

DigitalPersona Pro SDK .NETEdition Developer Guide

A temporary o bject used for passing data between. Fingerprint f eature set cre ation.

TooFast The finger was swiped too quickly. T he value in the second. The RTE files and folders, which are described in Table 2 digitalperskna page 13 for the bit installation and in Table 3 on page 15 for the bit installation, are not installed as part of the SDK install, but must be installed separately.



Decr yption may hav e. The F AR is t ypically.

Subscribe the client application for r eceiv ing operation digitalperspna ents notifications by calling. Their fingerprints may be difficult to verify be cause they are either worn. R etrieve the number N of finger print featur e sets required to create the fingerpr int template by calling. T echnical Suppor t.

DigitalPersona Pro SDK .NETEdition Developer Guide |

To perform fingerprint authentication without first performing fingerprint identification, a user name is required. The output of the fingerprint digitalpersonq extraction function is a fingerprint feature set. Where n is equal to infinity. B biometric system defined 60 bold typeface, uses of 3 C Citrix 1 Citrix Web Client 1 Citrix, developing for 54 comparison, defined 60 compatible fingerprint templates See fingerprint template compatibility components of API list of 24 See also individual components by name concepts used in Pro SDK 4.

Using the fingerprin t readerscan your right index fingerprin t.

InvalidBuffer A buffer is not valid. Fig ur e 2. InvalidParameter Invalid user name or type supplied on construction. These are perc enta ges, that isa value of 0.

StopCapture void Public Stops reaser active capture session. Priorities Priorities During the creation of a fingerprint capture operation, the FEA specifies a priority level, which can be low, normal, or high.


If a matching stored fingerprint credential is found, the operation returns the user name. This value is to be used for local databases only.

Glossary fingerprint recognition system A biometric system that uses the distinctive and persistent characteristics from the ridges of a finger, also referred to as fingerprint features, to distinguish one finger or person from another.

Steps prec eded by an asterisk ar e not accomplished using One T ouch f or Windo ws: In addition, old terms are crossreferenced to new terms in rezder glossary.

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Introduction Document Conventions Document Conventions This section defines the notational, typographical, and naming conventions used in this guide. Creates a feature extraction contex t.

Install the Soft ware. Chapter 5, Core A PI Refere ncedefines the function sdata struc tur es, and type definition s that are part of the. This appendix is for dev elopers who wa nt to specify a false accept rate F AR other than the de fault used by the.