Why is this useful? How can i finish it?? I am confident that if I can remove the drive and format it in another machine this should resolve the issue probably where the boot records have got messed up on the disk. I chose to delete all partitions at the install screen. I have the exact same issue as you with the Phillips Freevents laptop. The motherboard details should be on the mainboard page – the middle part of the attached example.

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There is only one distro that goes fine with this kind of laptop: I was using Word, the satq wirelessly and doing a few other things.

The drivers listed on twinhead site no longer seem to ferevents with slipstream disks. Performance The battery lasted 2. This is why the poblem is not immediately apparent from the inside.

Freevents Sata Driver – captainfiles

On the partitioning options during setup, I deleted both the Vista and the small System Restore partitions from the drive. To get the normal letters, I have to press the blue Fn key. I can be typing an email and take my eyes off the screen momentarily and the cursor has skipped a line, or a paragraphand I find I am typing in the wrong place. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


Philips Freevents x59

I was too chicken to remove the restore partition 1. The ram slot is then visible in the bottom right hand corner dreevents the main board. The ACPI is well supported and works fine.

Is there a keyboard code to set? Amazingly it worked first time so simply went ahead with installing Win 7 from DVD.

Problem 4 But then, disaster! Do you know where I can get the Raid drivers from? You saved me from a fate worse that death… Vista!

How to install XP on a Philips Freevents laptop

Try running a flat knife round the join. Tom, It would appear to be a Aata H12M: The installation goes fine frefvents the computer is slow and a lots of applications do not work properly. Hi again, I did as you suggested and took the machine back to PC World who replaced it with another one. The web site indicated seems to have disappeared. Think I may have bricked it. The mainboard page of CPU-Z should tell you.

Cheers mate, thanks for writing the guide. It is tricky to get them back but a bit of patience and your panic will be over. Yes, my password is: I was just thinking of moving on to Vista as the new machine has it… but after your comments I am not sure.


We get by with a USB keyboard, but look a total tit on the train. What is the battery capacity check the label for volts satz Ah – I can’tr quite read the info on the photo?

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Share This Page Tweet. Looks like a J12S to me: But alas, i can not find one anywhere. Any help would be appreciated as when I try to reinstall vista in gets to the end of the setup and tells it cannot configure a component and asks to restart setup—which is waste of time.

Can any of you tell me their BIOS version? Hi all, I have two Philips Freevents Laptops, an x56 and an x I feel quite proud though cos I did think it might be overheating — is the fan underneath?