Plant or field Advanced Library Management System The Advanced Library Management System ALMS is a required feature that provides a license key to enable dynamic management of cartridges, storage slots, tape drives, and logical libraries. For more information about setting up your hardware environment to use drive encryption, refer to your hardware documentation. None Maximum Number of Features: The TS drives and library robotics are TapeAlert-compatible, and are designed to provide tape drive and library error and diagnostic reporting. For capacity requirements less than

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Chargeable Minimum Number of Features: Logical libraries can be added, deleted, or changed nondisruptively.

Feature provides the enhanced mountable Devide 1U server and an Ethernet cable for connection to the rack mount switch. This optional feature is designed to provide automatic control path failover to a preconfigured redundant control path in the event of a loss of a host adapter or control path revice, without aborting the current job in progress.

A current list of supported open system configurations is available from the following Web site: Dual-stage head actuator designed to provide precision head alignment to help support higher track density and improved data integrity.

Family +11 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Model D53

Feature Required feature: Cartridges under library control are not shared between logical libraries, nor allowed to be moved between logical libraries. A key lock provides front door locking. The TS Model E05 is designed to automatically perform recalibration in the field if it detects degraded performance. devjce


dveice Features and cannot be ordered together on initial plant orders of D23 or D53 frames. In addition to the drive removal, Machine Level Control records are updated to indicate these features as no longer existing within the library. Devices supported TS Model D For bulk loading of tape cartridges, the library door can be opened.

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By using this feature, up to three library frames can be powered by dvice two customer facility outlets that feed the FC PDUs. When you use encryption-capable drives with a supported encryption method, a new format is used to write encrypted data to tapes.

IBM hardware products are manufactured ulyrium new parts, or new and used parts. None PDL 4. The device driver is designed to dynamically track the usage on each HBA as applications open and close devices, and balance the number of applications using each HBA in the machine.

Drive encryption

Yes, one feature or must be ordered Prerequisites: The TS Model E05 Tape Drive must be ordered separately, and is installed in a frame with one of the following feature numbers: For more information about setting up your hardware environment to use drive encryption, see your hardware documentation. One, of feature or Installation: Drive cleaning is an automatic function that can be performed by the library when required by the drive, without requiring operator intervention.

First, it can help improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere after the first filemark. When using Tivoli Storage Managerdo not create an environment in which some drives use the Application method and some drives use the Library or System methods of encryption.


Configuring tape drive encryption

You can also mix media in a library by using, for example, a mixture of encrypted and non-encrypted device classes that have different tape and drive technologies.

The rmsw controls navigation through the library menu for displaying status information and error codes on the LCD. Customers can download the latest level of firmware from the LTO Web site: This is the default power cord for Argentina if no other feature is specified. The maximum LTO cartridge capacity of is reduced by 14 cartridges when five to eight Fibre Drive Mounting Kits are installed, and by 12 cartridges when nine to twelve Drive Mounting Kits are installed.

Plant or Field Power Distribution Units This feature provides two power distribution units PDU for distributing AC power to ibbm within the decice and to power adjacent frames when using the power cord to adjacent frame PDUs Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates.

This offers attachment flexibility in an open systems environment. The tapes can subsequently fmss scaled back to full capacity as needed.