When booting and at the grub menu, I enter “c” and type geometry hd0 it returns the correct disk, all 3 partitions but calls it LBA. Dear all, Anyone have a good working Kohjinsha harddisk to spare It was a pretty nasty hack but it works for now. Are there anyone make the GPS works? Will they work with 2GB PC? Unfortunately no mention of ways to use dd to solve world hunger, poverty and bring peace to mankind.

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Safest option is still the complete disk image. You can install from the liveCD.

I din7 have it booting, at full resolution, and a perfectly calibrated touchscreen. Just a little note: It did come up in mirror mode wkn7 first. Somebody got a good offer for them! This thread is quite frightening for me, but I am determined to learn all this stuff from scratch. So if you have random data think data from deleted files, here – what! In the end I resigned and tried Debian, net-isntallation. Currently on my sc3, I have 1 instance of ubuntu hardy 8.


Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: IMHO its not even worth the space to dual boot at this current point. This happens with VC-1 and h video haven’t tried others http: I am still using your syslinux hack. But I read that there are many problems.

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Ensure that you install grub at the end. You can try different root arguments like hd1,0 to see. The syslinux loader will execute and reload grub from hard disk just like the live cd. Now reboot and grub will show the boot menu. Kohjknsha, on reboot, the grub boot menu shows up, select any item in the menu, and it immediately goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left had corner.

Use grub2 and instructions off of page 3 Wireless: It should boot without problem. Keep me posted if you find any workarounds.

Hi there, Try Mint Linux. And that, it seems is the truth, now that its declared 9. Johjinsha used Jaunty beta, but I am now reinstalling Hardy due to the graphics driver issue. Don’t blame me then for hoodwinking you into this procedure ; So, do that backup NOW.


Download SetFSB – MajorGeeks

What do you think? I just recently purchased an SC3 for my mom. Do you try to use external monitor with linux?

Install ubuntu wij7 usual with grub 6. I’ve had some trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess around with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems.

In some rare instances, this can have the result of causing problems with a system that worked OK with the previous version of the beta. But which version of kernel I have to seek for i? I think this all is related to each other. The entire driver data store was reworked just before the Windows 7 Release Candidate was finalized.