By Ronaldo – August 4, 2: Hi,why when i try build i have error. Please remove it or at least bring this value to a small no. See this image http: May 12th, at 6: Can you change your header file to port A? By dhaval sheth – December 12,

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As I was writing this article on the eve of Independence day. By Dario – August 4, I use a avr studio 4. Avinash Gupta is solely focused on free and high quality tutorial to make learning ks010 system fun! Proteus model for JHDE.

It has female connectors at both ends. The image below illustrate the point. By Pradeep – March 8, 4: Post a help request.

Interfacing KS GLCD with Starter AVR – Tutorials

By Dario – August 3, 2: Sir what is the value of RV1?? By Avinash – November 23, I have seen your total project in graphics LCD in Youtube. Hence the display is pixels wide and 64 pixels in height.


Send-me email and I will how to makea it. I am looking forward for your comments, doubts, suggestion or feedback. First I have to note that this has been a very helpful guide for me. By Ronaldo – August 4, 2: If you download the code, you’ll see we have implemented all the characters with 5×8 pixel font. By Hari – August 24, The RV1 which is a variable resistor of 10K is used to adjust the contrast of the display.

We are here to help! Because the LCD just appears to be block of memory whose contents are directly visible on screen.

Head over to Github to download all that you need. And what about having the black on white GLCD back in stock!!!!!!!!!

Interfacing KS0108 based 128×64 Graphical LCD with AVR MCU.

So lets get started. By Armen – August 1, 5: By masterofdisguise – November 14, 7: Please kks0108 JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


We may do a similar tutorial on these MCUs as well. Can you change your header file to port A? By masterofdisguise – November 14, Could you re-build it when i message you with the os0108 I prefer for my project? It only runs on ATmega It also helps load fonts and render text and numbers on screen. We can make character fonts as we wish.