It is a nightmare for cross compiling and I suspect there is bug in the OpenSSL functions used for the MAC sequence checking on this processor and software build. As it came on, I subjectively judged the noise level to be about “medium” – not as quiet as my most silent units, but also not as noisy as others I have tested. The Playstation 3 reports ‘unsupported format’ for some files after updating firmware. One interesting option I noticed was the disk format menu Figure 4. While that didn’t hurt anything, I wound up going through account generation twice. Even figuring out when you can actually run the install software can be frustrating.

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The ATA connectors are quite tight, pry gently. Then the install wouldn’t work with my networked Vista laptop.

Default passwords for network products. Look at all the stuff not soldered to the board! I decided to hack the edmini to allow ssh shell access. Nytro Leverage flash storage. The log seemed to grow quite large after a few boots of the device, which resulted in a long load-time in the web page. Connect the included Ethernet cable between the drive, and the router.

The installation is automated, and when completed, a window will appear noting its completion. By default, the mini’s internal disk is formatted in a least-common-denominator format of FAT32 so it can be directly accessed when USB-plugged into a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux system. When finished, click next. My quick read of the setup instructions indicated that the mini would be able to acquire an Ethernet address from a DHCP server, so I just let it power up.


A warning will appear advising the setup process erases all data on the LaCie.

Ethernet Disk mini

Slightly anemic hardware even considering the low price. The Playstation 3 reports ‘unsupported format’ for some files after updating firmware. Once the setup is complete, download and apply the latest firmware patch from this step. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

This is a process that should kick off automatically, without being told to start. For the Time Zone option, choose a city in the same time zone as the Ethernet Disk. And for share managementthere was only a single, predefined sharewith no option for creating another Figure 2. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to send email alerts for events such as when the disk was becoming full. Not all cities are listed. This email address will receive all diek reports and news of etuernet.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition

But I am a Lacie curmudgeon, I have a Lacie Biggerdisk under my desk at work and it sounds like carrier operations on the Enterprise. If you were to make use of this log on a regular basis, you’d miin to use the “clear log” button to keep it a manageable size.


Turn the box into anything you like! Seagate terms and conditions will apply. Again, the process functions, but LaCie needs to do more work to make the setup simple enough mlni the home NAS user.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition Storage Devices – Review – PCMag UK

If the key is typed incorrectly, the next button will not function. Support rows Support Support. I failed to build OpenSSH. Some users may not realize that the account sign-up is for more than marketing purposes and may opt out, thus unwittingly forgoing their ability to get to the NAS when away from eghernet.

Anyone can access anything in what the software calls the Family Library; users also have individual MyLibrary areas. My first edmini is now several days over 12 months old and the power supply has failed. You’ll also see an option for installing LaCie’s 1-Click Backup freeware, because the company sells this device in a configuration without Axentra HipServ software.