I agree to have my personal data processed as follows. In dot mode the mode pin pin 9 has to be left floating, in this mode only one LED will be turned on based on the input voltage. We ground pin 4 wihtout a capacitor because the leads of the LEDs we use are less than 6″. Again no current-limiting resistors are necessary because the resistor R1 acts as the current-limiting resistor. Or for every 0. For example, if we’re measuring battery power in a circuit, the LED bar graph can project the strength of the battery life.

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According to the datasheet, if you are not using LEDs with leads that are 6″ or longer, you can connect this pin directly to ground. Since we are monitoring V here, the low reference voltage pin 4 is set at 0V and the high reference voltage pin 6 is set to 5V.

Datasheet Tutorial Product Video. TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. Your name will appear next to your review or comment, visible to everyone. To pin 5, we will connect the wiper terminal of a potentiometer. We GRobotronics will add your email address to a special mailing list for this product.

With this circuit, you can develop a number of VU volume unit or SVI standard volume indicator devices. At 3V, 6 LEDs turn on. The less voltage, the less LEDs on. If you continue, we dotb/ar that you agree to receive cookies from this site. You can replace the ddisplay so with any type of sensor measurement to measure anything.


This can allow us to switch betweeen bar mode and dot mode.

The IC can operate in two different modes, one is the dot mode and the other is bar mode. We ground pin 4 wihtout a capacitor because the leads of the LEDs we use are less than 6″. It will remain in our system until you withdraw your consent. In this lm39144, all the LEDs will be off. LED bar graphs are used often in VU meter circuits, in which the LED bar lm39144 can be lit up in proportion to the amount of voltage a device is outputting. How the Circuit Works The potentiometer is the mainstay of the circuit.

The analog input voltage can vary from 3V to 18V and the LED current can be limited by simply using a single resistor on pin 7 Ref Out.

As the resistance increases, the voltage increases, so the LEDs begin turning on. Hook dot/gar up properly, and you can create all sorts of nifty multi-LED displays. The potentiometer we will use can really be of any value.

How to Build an LM Dot/Bar Display Driver Circuit

We GRobotronics also save your IP address as a security precaution, but in can only be viewed by our staff. These are the pins where the LED bar graph connects to. Register displsy a new account. Basically, it can simulate bar graph results. We can put in a force-sensing resistor that measures the amount of force applied to the sensor and then the value proportionately on the LED bar graph.


This includes the pinout and all the details of how to connect the LED Bar graph. Submitted by webmaster on 27 September It’s not a big deal. Track my order s.

LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver IC

For example, if we replace the potentiometer with a resistor and photoresistor in series, we can build a light-sensing device and then the LED bar graph and light to show the light intensity that the photoresistor is detecting. Pin 9 is the mode pin.

The advantage of using LM is that it requires minimum hardware and can be easily set up. This circuit can be a building block to build a number of other circuits.